Omaha Hospice Services

Making every day count.

When a loved one is diagnosed as having a terminal condition, it’s not unusual for family members to feel fear, anxiety and even loss of hope. In reality, hospice services in Omaha here at the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home can be a tremendous source of comfort while maximizing quality of life during one’s remaining days. We develop a care plan to meet the personal goals of each individual and his or her family.

We work with hospice providers around the clock, right in your loved one’s room, so their remaining time may be spent in peace and dignity. We also provide support and education to family members and caregivers to help them understand what’s happening at any particular point in time, and what to expect moving forward. Together, we work through the emotional, social and spiritual matters in their lives to prepare for the changes that lie ahead.

Covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance companies, the hospice benefit at Rose Blumkin Jewish Home includes some medications, medical equipment and hospice services needed during the life-limiting illness.

For further questions related to hospice care or financial options, please contact Colin Heskin, the Director of Social Services, at 402-334-6533.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is quality, compassionate medical care for people facing a life-limiting illness. Hospice is expert, team-oriented care that focuses on managing discomfort and pain from clinical symptoms, as well as emotional and spiritual support tailored to the person’s needs and wishes.