A Loving Presence in Omaha for Over 100 Years.

The Rose Blumkin Jewish Home welcomes and nurtures people of all backgrounds and all faiths. We’re a nonprofit organization and a people-first community. We’re service oriented, working to meet the needs of residents, their families and our own team members.

Though our location on the campus of The Jewish Federation of Omaha is highly advantageous, it’s not what has made us successful. The people inside these walls and the quality of work they deliver are what truly make the difference.

Our goal is to strive constantly to be the best, so the families of our residents may sleep comfortably each night, knowing their parent or loved one is safe and well cared for.

The Mission of Rose Blumkin Jewish Home.

To fulfill the Mitzvah of Mipnei Seiva Takum – You shall rise and show respect to the aged.

Our intent is not to manage the symptoms of old age or memory loss but to focus on the whole person, making sure they have a continued sense of purpose. We work to understand individual needs and customize our efforts around them.

Along the way, we try to help one another become better caregivers and servant leaders. We aspire to be more than Omaha’s premier provider of high-caliber long- and short-term nursing care. We’re thoughtful, vigilant and cognizant of others and what they need to thrive.

More Than a Century of Service.

It began in 1916, when Omaha’s first residential care facility for the aged opened. It had five residents. By 1946, it was replaced by the Dr. Philip Sher Home for the Aged, which welcomed 35 residents. Then in 1982, the Sher Home was succeeded by the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home. The late philanthropist Rose Blumkin and her family were the driving force behind the community’s expansion in 1987.

We invite you to be part of our family. Just complete the form or call 402-374-4075 to start the conversation.